15th November 2016

Brexit minister to hold regular meetings with Conservative MEPs

Minister for Exiting the European Union David Jones said today he wanted to hold regular meetings with Conservative MEPs as the Brexit process moves forward.

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9th November 2016

South West MEP Ashley Fox is calling on farmers to be ‘front and centre’ of Brexit negotiations and has today launched a consultation with the NFU in the region for ideas on the future of farming.

Ashley Fox said, “The South West produces more food than Scotland, twice as much as Wales and has over 25,000 commercial agricultural holdings. It is the most rural region in England and its agricultural powerhouse.’

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31st October 2016

Responding to the news that the CETA EU-Canada trade deal has finally been signed, the South West MEP Ashley Fox said: "CETA is one of the highest quality agreements ever negotiated, with a country that has values and standards very similar to our own.”

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12th October 2016

Britain's world class universities will continue to welcome EU students despite the Brexit vote, Conservative MEPs' leader Ashley Fox stressed today.

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2nd October 2016

People should not focus on a "hard" or "soft" exit for Britain from the EU but instead concentrate on securing a good exit, Conservative MEPs leader Ashley Fox told the party's conference this afternoon.

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28th September 2016

The Conservative Leader and Gibraltar MEP Ashley Fox is to tell the new Secretary for Exiting the European Union that Gibraltar and its border with Spain must be central to any new agreement with the EU.

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15th Spetember 2006

MEPs are being urged to support a move which would limit European Parliament presidents to two terms as a way of promoting "fresh leadership."

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14th September 2016

Conservative MEPs are backing an EU EU Action Plan to tackle wildlife trafficking within the EU and to strengthen the EU's role in the global fight against these illegal activities.

The vote comes ahead of next months meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endagered Species (CITES).

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2nd September 2016

As MEPs returned to Brussels this week after the summer recess, the job of Conservative members was clear: to help our Government secure the best deal for Britain as we negotiate exit terms from the European Union.

For me, a key message that came through loud and very clearly from the EU referendum was a desire for the Government to take control of the number of people entering our country.

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12th July 2016

Bristol’s new Mayor Marvin Rees has met with local MEP and Conservative European Leader Ashley Fox to discuss the implications of BREXIT on the city.

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11th July 2016

The Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Ashley Fox MEP, issued the following statement after confirmation that Theresa May will be the next Leader of the Conservative Party.

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