07th October 2009


South West MEP uses Maiden Speech to criticise Gordon Brown’s handling of the Lisbon Treaty.

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30th September 2009

Dear Sir,

On Wednesday (30th September) the Conservative Party and our new European allies achieved our first big success in stopping unwanted red tape from further damaging British Businesses across the country and here in the South West.

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18th September 2009


Dear Editor,

I am delighted that yesterday Conservative MEP’s were able to secure concessions to help protect the Dairy Farm industry.

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07th September 2009

Stop the Blockades; The French Government Must do More.


Ashley Fox MEP, has lent his support to a petition from the Federation of Small Business protesting against the frequent blockades of the Channel ports by French Fisherman. French trade unions frequently seek to stop cross-channel traffic, which imposes huge costs on hauliers, as well as causing chaos for thousands of tourists.


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26th August 2009

Every taxpayer will now be paying £260 per year to Brussels. New Conservative MEP for the South West, Ashley Fox, has condemned the news that local taxpayers are now facing an increase of 60% in their contribution to the EU.  Thanks to Labour's failed negotiating stance local residents will each be paying £260 in 2010 to support the EU. This compares to only £163 per person this year, and only £53 in 2004.

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6th August 2009

Ashley Fox, Conservative MEP for the South West, is calling on the European Parliament to make savings and cut back on spending in next year’s budget. As residents across the South West continue to struggle in the current recession it is only right that the EU reduces costs as well.

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