27th February 2012

Pensioners in the UK could be hit by a 20 per cent cut in their incomes if planned new EU capital rules for pension funds go ahead, Conservative MEPs have repeatedly warned.


British Conservatives in the European Parliament are staunchly resisting EU plans which could devalue British pensions and force major insurance companies to move abroad.

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23rd February 2012

I recently visited Improve International, a small company based in Wroughton, Wiltshire, which despite the current economic situation is busy expanding across the UK and the EU.

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14th February 2012

Pensioners in the UK could be hit by a 20 per cent cut in their incomes if planned new European Union capital rules for pension funds go ahead, Conservative MEPs are warning.


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9th February 2012

The European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that the radical cleric Abu Qatada cannot be deported from Britain to face terrorism charges in Jordan.


This deportation ban is simply wrong.

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14th January 2012 - courtesy of Western Morning News (www.thisisdevon.co.uk)

The work of a Westcountry charity that uses horses to improve the lives of disabled people has been highly commended.


The Conquest Centre for Disabled Riders, in Taunton, received a visit from South West MEP Ashley Fox yesterday who praised the work the staff at the centre were doing to enhance disabled people's lives.

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10th January 2012

I will be visiting the Conquest Centre for Disabled Riders near Taunton on Friday 13th January.  The Conquest Centre is a leading charity dedicated to providing outstanding riding tuition and therapy to adults and children with all kinds of disabilities in a purpose built Centre in Norton Fitzwarren.


The outstanding work that the Conquest Centre does in providing tuition to over 170 disabled riders every week should be highly commended. I hope to learn more on how the horse riding provides three dimensional interaction that can improve both the psychological and physical state of participants.


5th January 2012

I have at long last bowed to pressure and joined the 21st Century. I have joined Facebook. As probably its 850millionth(ish) user I feel quite special.

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22nd December 2011

From 1 January 2012 it will be illegal to keep chickens in small battery cages in the EU.  It is estimated that 83 million illegal eggs will be laid everyday mostly in Eastern Europe. Despite giving farmers over a decade to prepare for the new rules, ten EU countries are not ready to enforce the law.

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21st December 2011

It is fantastic to hear that Honda, one of the South West’s largest manufacturers, is expanding to create 500 new jobs in 2012.

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13th December 2011

Last week David Cameron put principle and country first when he vetoed the proposed new EU treaty. It is disgraceful that the largest grouping in the European  Parliament is now plotting to avenge this defeat.

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9th December 2011

David Cameron was absolutely correct to use the UK veto and block plans for a new EU treaty. We can already see that that the French and German Governments are casting him as the villain of the piece. I guess it must be unthinkable to some to have a Prime Minister threaten to use the veto, and then make good on that threat.

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