15th May 2012


I was pleased to hear that the European Union is about to file a suit against Argentina in the World Trade Organization (WTO). If, as I expect, the EU wins, Argentina will face 'very serious trade sanctions'.

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14th May 2012


Last week Conservative MEPs were partially successful in their attempts to hold the European Commission to account for the way in which they spend our money.

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11th May 2012


Earlier this week the European Parliament was asked to approve the EU's 2010 accounts and, once again, Conservative MEPs have refused to do so as a part of our commitment to fight against the waste that is so prevalent in the EU’s budget.

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30th April 2012


Dear Reader,


The Referendum on whether Bristol should have a directly elected Mayor would fundamentally change the way in which our city is governed. Having read the arguments of those opposing such a change I am struck by how weak their arguments are.

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20th April 2012


Dear Sir,


I am sure that most readers will read with horror the latest attempt by the European Commission to take yet even more money from the British taxpayer. The Commission is proposing an inflation-busting increase for 2013, sought in defiance of all requests for restraint, which would add more than £7 billion to total spending and send the UK's annual contribution spiralling to £14 billion or £670 per household.


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19th April 2012

Britain's Conservative MEPs have today taken a firm stance against EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights.

They voiced a series of key concerns over the accession proposal when the issue was debated today (Thursday) in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


The MEPs urged the coalition Government in London to take the same position.

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18th April 2012


I was delighted to hear the news that the Home Secretary is pressing ahead with the extradition of the radical Muslim cleric, Abu Qatada. Previous attempts to deport him to Jordan, to face charges of plotting terrorist attacks, had been blocked by the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that he “might” face evidence obtained through torture.

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12th April 2012


I was delighted to read of the Prime Minister's successful trade visit to Indonesia and of the deal between Airbus and Garuda Indonesian Airlines. This is good news for the UK aerospace industry and will safeguard jobs at the design facility at Filton. It is testament to the expertise of Airbus’ British workforce and a vote of confidence in Britain’s manufacturing base.


Our Prime Minister is absolutely right in promoting trade with the world's fastest growing economies. We need to export our way out of our current economic difficulties and David Cameron is leading the way.

26th March 2012

The European Commission has published a report claiming that a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) in the EU would save each member state 50 per cent of its annual contributions to Europe. The Commission's figures suggest that the UK would save more than €7 billion a year.

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23rd March 2012

I was delighted to read of the decision by the UEFA governing body to provide financial and educational support to the Gibraltarian FA.

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8th March 2012

I recently visited Olveston in South Gloucestershire to see the site of the proposed Ecotricity wind farm. I met with members of the Olveston Wind farm Action Group (OWAG), including Ian Thompson, Councillor Brian Hopkinson and Councillor Sarah Pomfret, who are campaigning against this wind farm.

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