25th February 2010



MEPs today voted to start the process of overhauling the European Fishing Industry and how to reform the Common Fisheries Policy. The former European Commissioner for Fisheries, Joe Borg, admitted that the current policy has not succeeded in its objectives.

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27th January 2010


A Labour MEP's campaign to ban Devon-produced Buckfast wine must not be allowed to succeed, south west Conservative MEP Ashley Fox said today.

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13th January 2010

Brussels 13 January 2010. The European Commission is currently hoarding several billion Euros raised from fines on companies that have engaged in anti-competitive practices, such as Intel and Microsoft.

Conservative Economic Committee member Ashley Fox MEP said that the United Kingdom should be given back its share of the cash, instead of the money being held by the European Commission as a surplus.

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New law could push many sheep farmers over the edge, local MEP warns

As of 1st January, South West sheep farmers will face substantial new costs in complying with a redundant new EU requirement to electronically tag their flocks, local Conservative MEP, Ashley Fox, has warned.

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8th December 2009


Once again a proposed EU-wide increase in maternity leave will damage small businesses and young women's employment prospects.

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04th December 2009

Dear Editor,

It was with an intellectual weariness that I read Alistair Darlings posturing in the Times last week. His ‘hands off our city’ comments will have little impact on a situation that he has caused. By agreeing to a British High Representative for Foreign Affairs they have let the French assume the role for regulating the Banking and Financial Sectors of this country.

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24th Novemember 2009

Strasbourg 24 November 2009. Conservative spokesman on Constitutional Affairs in the European Parliament Ashley Fox has rounded on the President of the European Parliament for blocking a more transparent approach to the parliamentary decision making process.  It is simply not acceptable to treat our citizens like mushrooms, keeping them in the dark and covering them with fertiliser, he said.


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11th November 2009

Dear Sir,
I am glad that after 12 years of delay the Government has woken up to the fact that Britain will soon be facing severe power shortages. The building of a new generation of nuclear power plants will help to ensure a steady supply of power for homes and businesses, that is not reliant on imports from unstable parts of the world.

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03rd November 2009

Brussels 3 November 2009. Ashley Fox  MEP, a member of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee in  the  Europe an Parliament, today welcomed the proposed break up of Lloyds and RBS as a chance to promote greater competition in the UK banking sector but is still concerned about the risks to taxpayers and the economy as a whole.


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22nd October 2009

MEPs set to support new EU External Actions Service proposals

Strasbourg, 20th October 2009 -- The European Parliament is already steaming ahead with the creation of a foreign ministry, EU embassies and a college for training EU diplomats, even before the Lisbon Treaty has been ratified in all 27 member states, Ashley Fox MEP, Conservative constitutional affairs spokesman in the European Parliament, warned today.

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07th October 2009


South West MEP uses Maiden Speech to criticise Gordon Brown’s handling of the Lisbon Treaty.

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