8th March 2012

I recently visited Olveston in South Gloucestershire to see the site of the proposed Ecotricity wind farm. I met with members of the Olveston Wind farm Action Group (OWAG), including Ian Thompson, Councillor Brian Hopkinson and Councillor Sarah Pomfret, who are campaigning against this wind farm.


I am an opponent of the special treatment given to onshore wind farms, recently adding my name to the list of signatories of a letter addressed to the Prime Minister urging him to reconsider the vast subsidies currently offered for wind farms.


Councillor Hopkinson stated “It was fantastic to see Ashley Fox show his support for OWAG. Our campaign is growing daily as more people realise that these 415 feet turbines would dominate the Severn Vale skyline.They will blight the green belt, only exist thanks to massive subsidies and would be a further encroachment on the countryside.”


This wind farm project in the Green Belt is ill-thought out. The turbines are far too close to local homes and the noise they generate will make residents' lives a misery. They will also disrupt the marvellous views of the South Gloucestershire countryside, set against the backdrop of the Grade 1 listed Severn Bridge.


Wind may be a source of renewable energy, but it isn’t a cheap one. The current subsidies from the Government are being paid from a levy on everyone’s electricity bill. At a time when people are struggling to make ends meet I don’t think these subsidies are justified.


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