2nd March 2012

As we approach the 30th anniversary of the Falkland’s War, the Argentinian Government has upped their rhetoric to try and force the UK into discussing the issue of sovereignty. What President Kirchner fails to realise is that like Gibraltarians, the Falkland Islanders have the right to decide their own destiny. The Falklands are British because that is what the Falkland Islanders want. Until they change their view there is nothing to discuss.


Whilst the South American country is menacing Britain over the islands, EU documents show that Argentina is set to receive €65million in EU Aid between 2007 and 2013. Why is EU aid supporting Argentina at a time of sabre-rattling and threats to the UK over the Falklands?


The South American trading bloc, Mercosur, is supporting Argentina’s ill-thought out actions. I would expect at the very least that the EU would provide the UK with similar support.


It is only at times of crisis that you realise who your friends really are. The Falkland Islanders certainly have a friend in Britain.

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