9th February 2012

The European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that the radical cleric Abu Qatada cannot be deported from Britain to face terrorism charges in Jordan.


This deportation ban is simply wrong.


Let us be clear, Abu Qatada is a preacher of hate and has previously said that Osama Bin Laden was someone who should be admired, that the murdering of 2,996 people on the 11th September 2001 was morally just. Is this someone we want  in our country ?


I believe our domestic courts should be left to control our borders and make deportation decisions.


The ECHR is separate from the European Union. Our membership of the former predates the latter by nearly two decades, but both institutions need reform if British voters are to continue their support of our membership.


In the case of the European Court of Human Rights this reform needs to take into account the need for Nation States to protect their borders and their citizens. I hope the Government continues to press vigorously and forcefully for deportation. If this decision is not changed it will further undermine British faith in the ECHR.


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