9th December 2011

David Cameron was absolutely correct to use the UK veto and block plans for a new EU treaty. We can already see that that the French and German Governments are casting him as the villain of the piece. I guess it must be unthinkable to some to have a Prime Minister threaten to use the veto, and then make good on that threat.

The Prime Minister went to last night's meeting with some very modest demands, all of which were refused by his European counterparts. It would have been wrong of David Cameron to have followed the example of both the Blair and Brown Governments and given away Britain's rights and economic wellbeing to salve Franco-German Pride.


There will be some that will argue that Britain is now sitting on the fringes of Europe. The fact is that we never wanted to be part of a United States of Europe. We joined in order to enjoy the benefits of free trade. So although we may be sitting alone on this issue, we are sitting comfortably.


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