26th August 2009

Every taxpayer will now be paying £260 per year to Brussels. New Conservative MEP for the South West, Ashley Fox, has condemned the news that local taxpayers are now facing an increase of 60% in their contribution to the EU.  Thanks to Labour's failed negotiating stance local residents will each be paying £260 in 2010 to support the EU. This compares to only £163 per person this year, and only £53 in 2004.

Four years ago Tony Blair and Gordon Brown agreed to reduce our rebate. They surrendered £7billion over seven years. The rebate was famously negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984 and has saved taxpayers money ever since.

Ashley Fox said

"At a time when the recession is impacting across the region, local taxpayers will now be paying more and more money to Brussels. Gordon Brown has failed to protect the British Taxpayer.

I entered the European Parliament to get better value for money for taxpayers. We need a new government that will fight our corner in Brussels and demand a fairer deal."

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