15th July 2011
Fanatics in the European Parliament this morning gave a rapturous reception to plans that would see the EU flag on all sports team shirts. The plans were approved after a heated debate that saw Conservative MEPs, and the British media, vilified for speaking out against these ridiculous proposals.

Under the now approved plans England would not just be required to adorn the national uniforms with the European stars but would also be compelled to fly the EU flag at any sporting events.

With all of the problems facing the Euro it is incredible that the federalists have the time to consider such monumentally trivial matters such as this. Do they really have so little to do that they feel the need to dream up additional attacks on national identities.

This never ending attempt to artificially impose a European identity on British citizens is doomed to fail. The EU needs to grow up and get real. We as a continent face massive economic problems, we should be focused on solving them and not meddling with national pride.


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