13th June 2011


Dear Sir,


I am becoming increasingly concerned with the behavior of Liberal Democrat MEPs, such as my South West MEP colleague, Sir Graham Watson, recently knighted in the Queen's birthday honours list.


Whilst I'm sure that Sir Graham works hard on behalf of the South West, I doubt many people share his views on the EU budget. Last week in Strasbourg Sir Graham voted in favour of abolishing the UK's budget rebate. If this occurred the British taxpayer would have to pay an extra £4.8bn to the EU.


He also voted in favour of the EU having its "own resources". That is Euro-speak for being able to levy taxes. How many of your readers think that is a good idea?


And when the Parliament voted on a Conservative amendment to freeze the current budget, Sir Graham abstained. Why does he think it is acceptable for the British government to cut public expenditure, but not for there to be any restraint in Europe?


Your readers will be pleased to know that I and my Conservative colleagues voted to defend the British taxpayer in all these votes



Yours faithfully


Ashley Fox MEP


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