25th May 2011


Dear Editor,


The EU is proposing to give 15 million Euros to China this year, next year and the year after. The European Commission justifies this on the basis that China still faces significant development challenges, particularly in relation to environmental sustainability, equal access to justice and equal treatment under the law.


Whilst this may well be correct, I regard it as quite objectionable that a country which has its own space programme, vast foreign reserves and is itself a major aid donor to other countries should be given aid at all, especially at a time of spending cuts across Europe.


China’s own foreign aid policy makes the EU’s aid somewhat pointless. Instead of the EU giving aid to China for it to be passed on to a developing country of China´s choosing, the EU should give the aid directly to those countries . This would cut out the middle man and end the foolish practice of the EU footing the bill for China’s own foreign aid programme.



Yours sincerely,



Ashley Fox


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