20th March 2011


Plans to develop a new €50 million museum displaying the history of the EU have been denounced by South West MEP Ashley Fox. The “House of European History” was conceived by the former European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering in 2007, and is proposed to be built in the European Parliament.


The aim of the museum is to allow the public to immerse themselves in the “European idea”, placing particular emphasis on post-World War Two development and the meteoric rise of the EU.


Local MEP Ashley Fox is unconvinced that the price tag is justifiable in the current financial climate.


“At a time of great economic hardship when many are struggling, it seems completely unacceptable for the EU to squander €50 million on what is simply a vanity exercise. By bypassing two world wars the museum will miss the most pivotal moments of twentieth century history.”


“Not only is the initial cost so large, but there is seemingly no plan for future budgeting. The running costs have not even been considered. If this were a business plan it wouldn’t even be worth reading and would certainly not have been approved. Once again we are shown just how detached the highflying bureaucrats in Brussels are from the real world.”




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