9th November 2010

Dear Sir

The EU Court of Auditors has once again refused to sign off the European Union´s accounts. It is now 16 years running that the EU has failed to submit accurate accounts.

The EU accounts are a joke that has long since stopped being funny. The report shows that although there have been improvements in some areas of spending; there are still far too many areas that don’t add up.


Economic and Financial Affairs and Administrative payments were given the green light as 'legal and regular' by the Auditors. Cohesion spending also improved (this covers the money given in grants to less well off regions of the EU, such as Cornwall). Regrettably, agricultural payments across the EU were actually worse than last year. There are also serious problems in the areas of Research, Energy and Transport, External Aid, Development and Enlargement, and Citizenship.

It would appear that this year we have taken two steps forward and one step back. The improvements are welcome but for some areas to go backwards is unacceptable and questions must be asked about how that could happen.

This is the 16th year running that the auditors have not given the accounts a full clean bill of health. The accounts now come to the Parliament which can decide whether to accept them or not. I will vote to reject them and will be interested to see how MEPs from other parties decide how to vote.

Yours sincerely

Ashley Fox MEP


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