8th September

Dear Sir

Your readers may remember a grave threat to the people of Gibraltar from early August this year.

Alejandro Sánchez, the Mayor of La Linear, the bankrupt Spanish town on the frontier, is trying to impose a toll charge for crossing into Gibraltar. This proposal is a fundamental breach of EU law.


After coming under pressure from both the UK Governmenta and the EU Commission the Spanish Government seems to finally be accepting that the Mayor's proposal is indefensible. The ruling party Partido Socialista has now stated that Mayor Sánchez' plan for a cross border fee is illegal. In addition,  Rosa Torres, the President of Andalusia Region, has declared that the Mayor has no authority to introduce a toll.


Whilst these words of support from Spain will be welcomed in Gibraltar, words alone will help no one. The Spanish Government must intervene directly to remove the barriers that the Mayor has built to ensure that they are never used in the future.


Yours sincerely


Ashley Fox MEP

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