22nd September 2010

Honda have unveiled their new environmentally friendly Fuel Cell car Car, the FCX Clarity.

This latest addition to the world of motoring was test driven by Ashley Fox, Conservative MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar. At present only 30 prototype Fuel Cell vehicles exist.  Honda estimates that it will be 15 - 20 years before they can be produced on a commercial basis.  Nonetheless this kind of innovation is at the cutting edge of environmental and engineering design and manufacture.


“I believe that the future of the automotive industry will only be secured through the successful fusion of quality and environmental efficiency,” commented Ashley.


“Too often environmental construction leads to a compromise on performance, this simply isn't the case with the Clarity. With so many jobs in Swindon and the South West reliant on Honda's future it is a great comfort that even in a time of economic difficulty that the company continued to think and plan for the future.”

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