11th August 2010


Dear Sir,

Many of you may be unaware of developing problem facing the residents of Gibraltar. Considering its distance from the UK it is rare that a story crosses back to Britain, but I wanted to draw your readers’ attention to the harassment threatened against the residents of ‘The Rock’.

The cash strapped Mayor of La Linea, the Spanish Town immediately across the border, has come up with a new scheme targetting the people of Gibraltar. He is proposing to levy a charge on all people entering and leaving the former colony, with the exception of Spanish workers.


This is a clear breach of EU law which enshrines the concept of the Freedom of Movement of Labour throughout the EU. This is obviously yet another attempt to distract local attention from the financial problems of La Linea by blaming all troubles on Gibraltar. The Mayor of La Linea needs to focus on fixing his own problems rather than looking for a scapegoat that doesn’t exist.


The people of Gibraltar need our support to face this latest threat to their economic and political independence. Gibraltar may be separated by geography but its people are British, and as such, deserve the same rights that we all enjoy including the ability to cross a border without harassment.

Ashley Fox MEP





South West of England & Gibraltar

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