18th June 2010

Dear Sir,

It is a real shame that £10million for the proposed new visitor centre at Stonehenge has had to be cut. It is just one of a dozen projects and schemes promised funding by the Labour party in the dying days of its Government as they recklessly embarked on a spending spree to try and shore up their vote.

The new centre would have provided a wonderful attraction and experience for visitors to the famed site, but the money for the project was something that we simply couldn’t afford and should never have been promised.


I hope that people realize that no one wants to make cuts; it is simply that the previous Government spent too much money for far too long. It would have been better and more responsible not to have made promises from the outset rather than embarking on the economic scorched earth policy that it did.


I earnestly hope that private finance will be found to plug the hole that this monetary withdrawal has caused. I await with interest the statement from English Heritage on the 30th June which will announce the future of the scheme.


Yours faithfully,




Ashley Fox MEP

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