16th June 2010


Dear Sir,

I am deeply concerned about the recent misleading statement made by the European Council President, claiming that Member States agreed to submit their budgets to the Commission in advance of their national parliaments.

This was simply untrue.  It was a clear attempt by Mr Van Rompuy to bounce Member States into agreeing a further transfer of powers to the EU.


Requiring Member States to first submit their budgets to the Commission would constitute a gross breach of national sovereignty.


I am pleased that the UK Government has now corrected President van Rompuy and is resolute in reiterating that the House of Commons will always be the first to see and approve our budget. This position is non-negotiable.


Member States who wish to pursue further economic and fiscal integration should be allowed to do so.


It should not be forced on countries like the United Kingdom who wish to retain their economic sovereignty.


Yours faithfully,




Ashley Fox MEP for the South West & Gibraltar

5 Westfield Park



Tel: 0117 973 7050

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