15th November 2016

Thalidomide survivors in the South West who have been campaigning to access a ‘survivors fund’ in Germany are being supported by local MEP Ashley Fox.

The Thalidomide Trust wants the German government to acknowledge their condition because it 'prematurely ended court action' in the 1970s which would have helped those affected in the UK. The drug was used to combat morning sickness in pregnant woman and was developed and manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company.

Mr Fox is supporting a new European Parliamentary resolution calling on Angela Merkel’s government to recognise its responsibilities towards victims in the UK, Spain and Italy.

Mr Fox said, "This could be worth up to £10,000 pounds a year on average to British survivors. There are 546 survivors in the UK, around 60 in the South West, many of whom still need helping with ongoing medical costs and adapting homes."

Craig Millward, himself a survivor said, “We need to shame the German government into allowing British survivors access to these funds. They have an obligation for their actions of almost forty years ago. It wouldn't be just a monetary victory though - it would feel like a moral victory if the German government did the right thing. Health insurance and existing funds often don’t cover our increasing costs so these extra funds would be beneficial."

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