15th November 2016

Brexit minister to hold regular meetings with Conservative MEPs

Minister for Exiting the European Union David Jones said today he wanted to hold regular meetings with Conservative MEPs as the Brexit process moves forward.

Mr Jones was discussing issues with MEPs in Brussels for the first time since taking up his ministerial post.

He said: "I am delighted to have this opportunity to meet Conservative MEPs. I want to hear the views of colleagues on the way forward and tap into their expertise over the next couple of years as we withdraw from the European Union."

Conservative MEPs leader Ashley Fox said he and his colleagues stood ready to assist the Brexit process.

"Our delegation members possess deep and wide knowledge of EU matters and will do all they can to help the UK Government steer a successful path through the forthcoming negotiations with Brussels.

"We appreciate the Minister coming to meet us today and look forward to developing our links in the coming months."

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