20th April 2010

Dear Sir,

I was concerned to learn that the EU now wants to ban 95% of rodent poisons. This ban will harm the businesses that make these poisons and those who work in pest control.  It will also make life more difficult for people, farms or other businesses who need to deal with rats and mice.


Whilst pest control firms can use other methods to continue trading, there are few viable alternatives for a member of the public wishing to take action against rats and mice. When you consider that two rats could produce well over one hundred offspring in a year, stopping people from using these poisons will most likely lead to a surge in the rat population with the adverse effects on human health that this will entail. I don´t predict another epidemic of Black Death, but Rats spread fatal diseases, of which Weil´s disease is one.


The EU wants to regulate our lives with too many rules and restrictions. Banning us from using rat poison because they don’t trust us to use it is just another example of this. I and my Conservative colleagues will do our best to resist these unnecessary proposals.

Yours faithfully,


Ashley Fox MEP

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