15th June 2016

Indecipherable energy labels for electronic goods are set to become a thing of the past after a committee of MEPs voted to go back to a previous, clearer, energy labelling system.

The European Parliament's industry committee today voted to revert labels back to the A-G scale within five years as the A+, A++, A+++ has proven to be confusing, making it hard to separate the most efficient products.

Conservative MEP Ashley Fox, who is leading the changes for the European Conservatives and Reformists group in the parliament, said:

"Energy labels have been becoming more and more puzzling as electrical goods become more efficient. By going back to the old and clear system, people can easily see this kind of information when deciding which products to buy. It's a small step, but it's a sensible one.

"I have worked to make sure that clearer labels do not mean more red tape for businesses. With the reversion taking place over five years, we have found a sensible balance."

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