26th March 2010

Dear Sir,

I am dismayed that once again West Country drinks seem to be in the Labour Party’s firing line both at European and National Level.

First, we had the attack on Buckfast Wine which is still rumbling on as the Scottish Labour Party seeks to ban it and now this latest tax hike on Cider.

In both cases the argument is that alcohol fuelled ‘yobs’ cause trouble in their communities, and by either banning a drink or making it more expensive this will miraculously stop the trouble. Yet to target specific drinks for extra tax or regulation will do nothing to stop this kind of behaviour. All it will do is cause the culprits to switch to a different drink. All supermarkets have their cheap own brand Lager are these about to be banned too?

The only impact that this latest tax hike will cause is to hit the hard working people in the South West who enjoy their cider.  

We should punish those who cause trouble, rather than once again rely on ordinary people to foot the bill for their behaviour with no discernible benefit to the individual or the community.

Yours faithfully,

Ashley Fox MEP

Ashley Fox MEP for the South West & Gibraltar
5 Westfield Park
Tel: 0117 973 7050
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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