16th March 2010


The Labour Government will shortly be facing further damning criticism of its handling of the national debt and its proposals to cut the deficit. Gordon Brown may believe that he has saved the world, but the EU does not agree that he is saving our Economy.


The Commission will be publishing a report on the UK's efforts to meet the 2015 deadline of cutting its deficit, saying that it is unlikely to achieve sufficient savings. The commission is also questioning Treasury forecasts for the UK's economic growth in the coming years.

Ashley Fox MEP, who sits on the European Parliament´s Economic and Monetary affairs committee, said:

"The EU Commission has joined a growing crowd of economists, businessmen and world leaders that believe Britain is spending far too much. Gordon Brown has consistently failed to spell out how he would tackle the national debt crisis."


"I believe that Gordon Brown is hoping that he can put off making a decision until after the election, but the fact is that he is running out of other people’s money.  He is putting politics ahead of economics."


"We have seen what happens in Greece when a Government spends too much.  We now have a higher deficit than Greece.  The Pound is falling in value and we are now having to now pay ever higher interest rates to cover our deficit."


"We need a government that is honest about the challenges this country faces and not one which tries to hide them."

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