27th October 2015

Huge telephone bills ruining your holiday budget, an internet connection not delivering on its promises and an end to small start ups being penalised in favour of large companies: these experiences will be soon old memories. 

MEPs led by the UK Conservative Group have pioneered new legislation that means;

  • The end of roaming charges in June 2017. When travelling in the EU, mobile phone users will pay the same price as at home, with no extra charges.
  • Strong net neutrality rules protecting the right of every European to access Internet content, without discrimination.

South West MEP Ashley Fox said: “For far too long holidays have been ruined by a huge phone bill waiting for them at home. This puts an end to excessive roaming charges once and for all."

The new rules also guarantee ‘net neutrality’.  This means users will be free to access the content of their choice, they will not be unfairly blocked or slowed down anymore, and paid prioritisation will not be allowed. This means, for example, that the access to a start-up's website will not be unfairly slowed down to make the way for bigger companies. No service will be penalised because it does not pay an additional fee to internet service providers. 
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