16th April 2015


Ashley Fox, MEP for the South West of England & Gibraltar, is supporting a campaign by the wildlife charity Born Free to end the illegal trafficking in animals.


The campaign was taken to the heart of the European Parliament in a week long exhibition and accompanying report titled 'End Wildlife Trafficking'. The launch was supported by the actress and conservationist Virginia McKenna OBE (pictured with Ashley Fox MEP at the launch).


The report highlights the horrific scale of the illegal trade in wildlife products such as rhino horn, ivory and bushmeat, and the practice of buying and selling live animals as exotic pets. An average of 2,500 illegal wildlife trade seizures are recorded every year in the EU. Experts estimate that this figure could represent 10% or less of the total amount of illegal wildlife products in trade, which means that the complete figure could be in excess of 25,000 products annually.


"This report is about protecting endangered species and safeguarding the health & welfare of animals," commented Mr Fox after the event. "We cannot have a situation where unscrupulous poachers sacrifice entire species of wild animals in order to turn a quick profit. I was delighted to be asked and wholeheartedly support this campaign."


Ashley pictured with Virginia McKenna OBE at the Campaign Exhibition.

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