29th May 2014


Conservative MEPs reacted with anger today after the European Commission tried to undermine David Cameron's historic budget cut by demanding an extra £500 million from British taxpayers to meet Brussels spending bills this year.


Commissioners insisted they needed an extra £3.8bn from national governments to pay for unbudgeted costs - including £200 million extra help to Ukraine. The rest of the money will be spent on youth employment projects and regional policy.


Ashley Fox, Conservative MEP for the South West of England and Gibraltar, said: "Just three days after voters told them Europe had to mend its ways, the Commissioners have made it clear they still don't get it.


"The people of Europe have drawn a line in the sand which the EU will cross at its peril. They need to wake up to the new reality.


"The budget cut is the budget cut. Any attempts by the Commission to chip away at the landmark deal negotiated by David Cameron will be fiercely fought by Britain and likeminded nations, as well as by Conservatives here in the Parliament.


"It shows how urgently Europe needs to change and how quickly Europe needs to sign up to the Prime Minister's reform agenda."

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