28th April 2014


I am delighted to hear that the Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, has announced that a post 2015 Conservative Government would end the current subsidies for onshore wind farms. In addition full control of wind farm planning applications will be handed to local Councils and Councillors.


This is excellent news and long overdue. I was one of those politicians who wrote to the Prime Minister two years ago urging just such a move. I fully agree with having a diverse energy sector, but we also need it to be reliable and affordable. Onshore wind is neither reliable, nor affordable and is a burden on people’s energy bills.

It is just such a shame that our coalition partners have held the Government to ransom for so long for so little return. If they were truly serious about low carbon energy then they should have embraced nuclear power years ago. Now we just need to win the 2015 General Election and put an end to this blight on our countryside.

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