6th August 2009

Ashley Fox, Conservative MEP for the South West, is calling on the European Parliament to make savings and cut back on spending in next year’s budget. As residents across the South West continue to struggle in the current recession it is only right that the EU reduces costs as well.

Ashley Fox, a member of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, has put forward 7 budget amendments to try to save taxpayers money. These reduce spending on communications, the funding of Pan-European political parties, and the self promotion of the Parliament.

The proposals, co-sponsored by Conservative MEP for London Syed Kamall, would amount to a saving of 19million Euros over the next year. “These savings come from just one committee’s budget. If this were scaled up then we should be able to save local taxpayers a great deal of money,” commented Ashley Fox.

“The European Parliament needs to accept the fact that we are in a recession. They cannot continue to spend taxpayers money on pet projects and personal glory,” added Ashley, “We need to be improving efficiency and cutting costs, not continuing to spend money as if there was a never ending supply.

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