9th October 2013


Local South West MEP, Ashley Fox, has thrown his support behind a campaign calling for proposals that will see the development a massive wind farm off the coast of Dorset to be scrapped.


The Navitus Bay Wind Farm will site over 200 turbines, each one around 200m in height, in the mouth of the Bay and will completely dominate the ‘splendid panoramic vistas.’ The Consultation on the most recent proposals is now in its final phase, and will close on Friday 11th October.


Mr Fox, has long been an opponent of the special treatment given to wind farms and has serious concerns about the large subsidies required to make Wind Farms viable.


“Leaving aside my belief that the current subsidies for wind farms lead to increases in fuel bills at a time when people are struggling, I think that the current proposals will not only impinge on the panoramic views but will also impact on the local tourist industry,” comments Mr Fox.


“Over 16 million visitors a year come to Dorset, many of them to enjoy the phenomenal; some might say unique, natural beauty, of the fabulous Jurassic Coast. Collectivly they contribute over £700m into the local economy and support 45,000 jobs in the Tourist industry. A large scale development such as the one being could well impact on the Dorset economy.


“In addition little thought seem to have been given to the impact on the local sea bird colonies, migrating bird patterns or sea life.


“We need to be doing all we can to capitalise on Dorset's natural wonders rather than ploughing ahead with schemes that would do the opposite.”

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