9th July 2013


I am delighted to see the progress of the EU Referendum Bill and that this has now passed its first vote in the House of Commons.  I do believe that this is a step in the right direction and my personal thanks go to James Wharton MP for bringing this issue forward so that the British public can have their say on our relationship with the European Union.


We have been members of the European Union for 40 years. During that time a large amount of power has been transferred from Westminster to Brussels without the consent of the British people. This has to stop and the public must be given a say.


We all know that the Liberal Democrats are unapologetically pro-European, and would like to see yet more powers transferred away from Britain to the EU. But the time has surely come for the Labour Party to make clear where they stand on this issue. Do they want to renegotiate our membership? Do they want powers to be returned to the UK? Do they support a referendum? These are all key questions that need answering and the public have a right to know where the Labour Party stands.


I really do hope that Labour gets down off the fence and Ed Miliband shows us what kind of leader he really is. Maybe he should ask his Trade Union paymasters what opinion he is allowed to have and get back to us.

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