25th June 2013


The Gibraltar Government has been holding an exhibition at the European Parliamen tin Brussels this week hosted by Conservative MEP Ashley Fox.


The event marked the 300th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht. Mr Fox backs the right of Gibraltarians to determine their own destiny; "TheTreaty made it clear that Gibraltar would remain British 'in perpetuity', which has since been backed by its citizens in repeated referenda," commented Mr Fox who represents 'The Rock' as part of his constituency of the South West of England & Gibraltar in the European Parliament.


"It is important that Gibraltar, as the only British Overseas Territory to be part of the EU, has its voice heard in the European Parliament. I take every opportunity to speak up for Gibraltar and am delighted to support the work the Gibraltarian Government is doing to raise its profile within the EU"


The interactive exhibition has been created by Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar and includes displays on the history, economy, its people and its links with the EU


Gibraltar's Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, said, "I enjoyed seeing the exhibition during my trip to Brussels and I relish the opportunity it offers to make Gibraltar's case at the heart of the EU"

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