16th May 2013


I am repeatedly appalled by some of my MEP colleagues and their never ending demands for more taxpayers' money. Earlier this year, David Cameron successfully negotiated with other Heads of Government to reduce the EU budget for the first time in 56 years.


Predictably, the reaction by the European Parliament was almost hysterical and they and the Commission are demanding an extra €11.2bn to cover the projected overspend in the 2013 EU budget. If the money is not forthcoming then Parliament may well refuse its consent to the budget deal negotiated by the Prime Minister at the European Council in February.


Sadly, last night the European Council appears to have partially caved in to this threat. The UK and our allies, namely the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, were outvoted by the other member states and an additional €7.3bn grant has been agreed with the possibility of more being requested later this year to cover the remaining shortfall.


I find it incredible that at a time when national governments are being forced to make tough choices at home; more money is continuously requested by the European Union. The UK's share of the sum would be approximately €1bn. There are many more things that I would prefer this money spent on rather than sending it to an organisation that shows little financial restraint or economic responsibility.


The EU was wrong to demand the money, the UK Government was right to oppose it and I hope that they will continue to use all means possible to bring sanity to the asylum.

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