15th March 2013

In what can only be described as federalist idiocy the the European  Commission this week proposed that the UK be forced to hold next year’s European Elections on a Sunday - in order to encourage us all to feel ‘more European’. They clearly haven't spoken to many of my constituents.

The commission also wants any election broadcasts by UK political parties to identify which candidate they are backing for the position of President of the European Commission. This one-size fits all approach to democracy is motivated by a belief that this will increase voter turnout and enhance our European identity. I suspect it will do the opposite.

Liberal Democrat MEP Andrew Duff has said “the arrival of party political champions [the candidates for the Commission] on the scene will dramatise the European Parliamentary election campaign across Europe.” I doubt it. The presence of European Presidential candidates will not dramatise the elections. It will instead make a mockery of them. The EU does not need an elected president as it is not a country. How many Britons want to live in a country called Europe?

Rather than enhancing the reputation of the Commission this proposal simply underlines how truly out of touch they are.

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