11th November 2009

Dear Sir,
I am glad that after 12 years of delay the Government has woken up to the fact that Britain will soon be facing severe power shortages. The building of a new generation of nuclear power plants will help to ensure a steady supply of power for homes and businesses, that is not reliant on imports from unstable parts of the world.


The one problem with this decision is that it is so very late. These new power stations won’t start generating electricity until 2020, several years AFTER our projected electricity problems become acute.

Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. Renewable Technology is, and should be, part of the solution to our energy needs, but it could never be the complete remedy to the power shortages we face. We were always going to need a nuclear baseload to provide steady power when climate conditions weren’t perfect.

So whilst I approve of this latest decision on the future of the Oldbury and Hinkley power stations, I do wish it had been made sooner. This is another example of Labour’s indecision that will haunt future generations.

Yours faithfully,

Ashley Fox MEP

South West of England & Gibraltar

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