27th November 2012

British Liberal Democrats and Socialists have let slip their ambitions to build a European superstate when they voted in favour of radical changes to EU election rules.

Lib Dem and Labour MEPs enthusiastically voted through planned changes to arrangements for the 2014 European Elections which would include a direct Europe-wide election to choose a President of the European Commission.


Effectively that would create an elected President of Europe.


The resolution approved by the European parliament calls for pan-European political parties to select presidential candidates. The elected leader would then spearhead Europe-wide election campaigns for the power to preside over the EU.


A key clause said: "European Political parties shall nominate candidates for Commission President, who will then play a leading role in the election campaign.”


As the Conservative spokesman on constitutional affairs in the European Parliament I find the whole notion absurd. Europe doesn't have an elected president because it isn't a country. You don't need a head of state when the state doesn't exist.


By voting en-bloc for this measure British Liberal Democrats, along with Labour MEPs, have made it plain that they would like to create a superstate called Europe, with Britain swallowed up into it.


You can't vote for that without voting for a European state. Conservative MEPs opposed this vigorously, but the the Lib-Dems are unashamed federalists. They were joined by Labour in voting this through, showing neither can be trusted to defend British sovereignty or British interests.

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