15th October 2012


I was pleased to learn that the Home Secretary intends to call time on our involvement with the EU Justice & Home Affairs Programme. Mrs May has made it clear that the UK will opt-out of over 130 separate pieces of EU legislation including abandoning the highly controversial EU Arrest Warrant and an EU level Public Prosecutor.


Much of this legislation is well intended and was put in place to fight crime. The problem is that parts of it are being abused and mis-used. An EU arrest warrant was recently issued, at a cost of £30,000 to the UK taxpayer, to arrest and deport a man for theft of a wheelbarrow in Poland.


The real concern is that this kind of legislation opens the door to further EU intervention in our criminal justice system. In my view the EU already has too much power on how we run our country. I do not wish to see an EU wide justice system developing.


I realise that Mrs May’s words may cause consternation in the Liberal Democrat parts of the Coalition Government, but this issue is too important to allow coalition politics to overrule the long term health of our justice system.

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