5th October 2012


For a whole variety of reasons people sometimes find themselves without the means to feed either themselves or their family. When this happens there is often little support. We are all used to reading tabloid stories of how they are ‘scroungers’ or have spent all their money on drugs or drink, but for the vast majority of people in this situation this isn’t the case.


The East Bristol Foodbank, part of the Trussell Trust Network, is there to provide support to families and individuals who are simply down on their luck. It has been running since July 2011 under the leadership of Andrew Irwin.


The system works when an individual is referred by an approved agency such as a local doctor or job centre. They identify people in crisis who are then issued with a foodbank voucher which can be redeemed for three days’ worth of food sufficient for three meals a day. All of this food is donated by either local community organisations, individuals or by supportive businesses.


The East Bristol Foodbank is a true charity. It doesn’t receive grants from the Government but raises all of its resources from private grants which are then handled by volunteers trying to improve their local community. I have previously donated food at the collections in my local church but I have never before seen what happens to it afterwards and the good work that it makes possible.


It was a truly humbling experience to see good people doing such good work. If anyone would like to learn more or possibly even make a donation then please go to www.trusselltrust.org.

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