07th October 2009


South West MEP uses Maiden Speech to criticise Gordon Brown’s handling of the Lisbon Treaty.

New Conservative MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, Ashley Fox, has used his maiden speech to the European Parliament to criticise Gordon Brown’s handling of the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Fox highlighted the way in which the will of the people had been ignored time and time again, in Ireland and across Europe, to ensure that EU Chiefs and the British Prime Minister got the result they wanted.

In what was Mr Fox’s first official speech to the Parliament he stressed the need to work together economically, but the gradual erosion of the powers of the Nation State was a threat to Britain and its people.

"My concern is that the current march towards Political Union, without the support of the peoples of Europe, threatens to undermine the good work that the EU has done,” argued Ashley Fox.

“I respect the fact that the Irish people have now voted in favour of the Lisbon treaty, though I think it is disgraceful that they were pressured into holding a second vote by countries that haven’t even held one.

The conduct of Gordon Brown is particularly reprehensible.

His legacy to Britain will be, not only to leave us bankrupt, but also to deny the British people a vote on this latest transfer of power from Westminster to Brussels.”

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