11th July 2012


I was delighted to hear that Bournemouth Airport has unveiled a new ten year £60 million investment plan that will create more than 1,000 new jobs for the county. These will come from the construction, expansion and setting up of new businesses that will include new industrial units, warehouses, distribution facilities and hangars.


A heathland habitat will also be created to improve the Airport’s biodiversity, and due to the large number of new employees, the company has plans to include a number of small retail business elements, financial services and a crèche.


Planning permission for the 35 acre development was granted by Christchurch Borough Council at the end of last year and road access to the Airport, and improvements to the internal roads, will also be made easier due to the £1.1million contribution paid by Dorset County Council.


The willingness of the local councils to support the new business development at Bournemouth Airport should be applauded, the new commerce will improve the Airport’s and the area’s reputation and economy. This comes at a time where air travel is being increasingly squeezed as demonstrated by the closure of Filton and Plymouth Airports and so it is heartwarming to see the investment taking place in and around Bournemouth Airport.

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