15th May 2012


I was pleased to hear that the European Union is about to file a suit against Argentina in the World Trade Organization (WTO). If, as I expect, the EU wins, Argentina will face 'very serious trade sanctions'.


This news follows a nosedive in relations between European Countries and Argentina over recent months. In March of this year, the Argentinian Government contacted 20 major Argentine businesses and called on them to prevent imports from the UK by finding local alternatives. This is unlawful interference with trade.


Argentina has also tried to prevent trade between other South American countries and the UK and the Falkland Islands. The recent nationalisation of the Spanish company Repsol is further evidence of Argentina breaking International law.


The Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez has most probably embarked on these unlawful actions in an attempt to distract attention away from her country´s faltering economy. The EU needs to send a strong message to Argentina to ‘play by the rules’. It is time for Argentina to stop harassing legitimate British and European businesses or face the consequences.

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