11th May 2012


Earlier this week the European Parliament was asked to approve the EU's 2010 accounts and, once again, Conservative MEPs have refused to do so as a part of our commitment to fight against the waste that is so prevalent in the EU’s budget.


There is an ongoing scandal of mis-spending and lack of financial discipline in the EU which despite our warnings and protests is growing worse instead of better.


Many of the problems stem from the poor administration of grants and investment money spent back in member states – including, on occasion, the UK. I take the view that so long as the auditors are unable to give a clean bill of health to the accounts as a whole, we will not approve any part of them as to do so would condone this poor management of taxpayers’ money.


Sadly, bar a couple of postponed reports, the accounts were approved when Conservative MEPs were outvoted. The full accounts will now come back later in the year for the final vote.


The EU extracts money from the taxpayers on a grand scale and needs to be able to account for how the money is spent. The Commission pays lip service to tackling these problems but things just keep getting worse. I can assure readers that I will never vote to accept accounts unless they have been signed off by the auditor, I only wish that all British MEPs took the same view.

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