30th April 2012


Dear Reader,


The Referendum on whether Bristol should have a directly elected Mayor would fundamentally change the way in which our city is governed. Having read the arguments of those opposing such a change I am struck by how weak their arguments are.


If we reject the Mayor model then we are stuck with the current system, whereby the Leader of Council is chosen by a handful of councillors behind closed doors. The current system isn’t accountable and isn't stable either - we have had 5 leaders in the last 10 years.


The Leader of Council wields enormous power, is meant to provide a strategic vision for our city is our ambassador to the world, and yet almost none of the 317,000 voters in Bristol have had a say on who this person is. This cannot be right in a modern democracy.


A Mayor for Bristol would be democratically elected by the people. They would be accountable to the whole city just a handful of councillors. They would have a stable 4 year term to provide leadership and vision, based on a plan that we will have voted for.


That is why I will be voting for an Elected Mayor for Bristol on 3rd May


Yours faithfully,


Ashley Fox MEP

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