20th April 2012


Dear Sir,


I am sure that most readers will read with horror the latest attempt by the European Commission to take yet even more money from the British taxpayer. The Commission is proposing an inflation-busting increase for 2013, sought in defiance of all requests for restraint, which would add more than £7 billion to total spending and send the UK's annual contribution spiralling to £14 billion or £670 per household.




The Commission has obviously lost all touch with reality. Isolated in their ideological towers it is as though they live on another planet where there is no Eurozone crisis, no age of austerity, and that taxpayers will be more than happy to give into their demands.


Contrary to their own perceptions this latest attempt to grab more of our cash will be met with disgust across the South West and much of Europe.


My position is clear - this is simply unacceptable. I can assure readers that your Conservative MEPs will fight against this profligacy all the way.


Yours faithfully,


Ashley Fox MEP

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