I was elected in 2014 on a Manifesto commitment that the Conservative Party would hold a Referendum on our membership of the European Union and that we would implement the result of that vote no matter what it was.

I am proud that the Conservative Party held the Referendum and since then we have been trying to deliver Brexit and leave the European Union. What is deeply frustrating is that far too many MPs, despite standing for election on manifesto commitments to respect the Referendum result, have failed to do.

To date 89% of Conservative MPs have voted for Brexit, but sadly only 2% of Labour colleagues have done the same. It is this that has caused the current impasse. We have been forced to watch as MPs voted against leaving the EU with a deal, without a deal and then against every other option as well. 

Whichever side of the debate you were on, I believe that we must now deliver a smooth departure from the EU. We need to safeguard Britain’s interests and remain friends and trading partners with our European neighbours.

This is what the Conservative Party is trying to do. It is our desire to strike a deal with the EU and that makes these upcoming European Elections very important. The European Parliament will vote on the final agreement reached between the UK and the EU27. British MEPs therefore have an important role in explaining Britain's position to our European colleagues and building a consensus within the Parliament so that any negotiated outcome is approved.

I hope that I will have your support on 23rd May and that you will vote Conservative.

Yours sincerely,

Ashley Fox MEP

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